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Heather Short, PhD Earth Sciences


My formal training is in structural geology, with a wide breadth of coursework at the graduate level, built upon an undergraduate Liberal Arts foundation.

     I have been teaching geology, earth systems science, and climate science for over 25 years, focusing on the present human-caused climate and ecological crises over the past 15 years. I designed and taught the only climate science courses in the QC college system.

     Frustrated by the dissonance of teaching young people about the climate emergency in the context of a world that is still largely in denial about the urgency with which we need to act to mitigate it, I resigned from my tenured position as an act of conscientious objection to educational business-as-usual with a 'green' twist.

     I am now endeavoring to educate the 'adults in the room'- those of us who have the political and economic agency to take meaningful action to avoid the worst consequences of climate breakdown.

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