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training & consulting

Climate presentations

30 to 90-minute presentation on climate basics, tailored to your audience

Climate literacy training

Half or full-day training for educators, staff, therapists, government & private employees

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Climate + Change course.

Climate curriculum design

Work with educators to implement & apply climate literacy competencies through the course of a program


Expert climate science opinion

Policy advice

Climate audit of bylaws

Community facilitation

& more

Reviews & feedback

“Dr. Short is an exemplary teacher who has an ability to communicate and teach scientific concepts on earth systems and climate change to non-scientists in a very understandable, illustrative, and coherent way.”

“The course not only presents the science of climate change, but it connects the dots to the political, economic, and social systems that perpetuate the reliance on fossil fuels and disproportionately affect the Global South.”

“The concepts of a just transition are critical as we navigate the situation we are in and work toward creating a sustainable planet for all. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that this information is taught so that people have a framework from which to take action in this most urgent time in human history.”

“I would like to point out how completely transformative the course has been, totally changing my world view.”

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